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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


The more I think about past 'friends', the more I think that Self Promotion, or rather preservation,  is just part of human nature. Let's look at... I’ll call him… LP.

I worked with him at two companies.

Then I took a great contract that paid exceptionally well, where I had to put together a team for a long running project. Since it required software and organizational skills, and I thought of LP. He was thrilled since it paid double what he was currently making.

Everything was going smoothly until it was mentioned that the company was thinking of bringing one of us on permanently. LP wasn’t comfortable with contracts and wanted a permanent position. I made it clear that I didn’t want it, but that’s when everything changed.

He suddenly had unscheduled meetings with department heads, lunches, and a lot of whispering. Although I was the Project Team Manager, people started going to him, even though he had no decision-making authority and was not a project manager.

The project finished, I moved on to another, but that was the last time I saw or spoke to LP. He had been the right person for the team and I wanted to help him, but he betrayed our friendship, and for what? I didn’t want the job and made it clear from the beginning.

Is it just human nature to be competitive even if there’s no contest? We had some good times together, but to me, trust is everything. Sad.
Don't buy into the self preservation thing, unless it's absolutely necessary. I"m not talking about self-sacrifice, martyrs never survive. I'm talking about helping / mentoring others, as long as its not to your own determent. 
Simple, huh? 
PEACE, Sisters! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013


I contracted for a very large project; the only woman and eighteen men. I was drowning in testosterone… Finally, the manager hired three more women, one of which was TP.
From the very beginning she was whining about, well, everything, but I work with engineers, so I was used to that.

Everyone is different and I’ve learned over the years to accept and even embrace that.
TP was somehow sad and bitter. I treated her as a friend, even though she seldom smiled and never [and I mean never had anything nice to say about anything or anyone]. She was a real team killer. Luckily, I wasn’t on the same team, but the woman who is still my BFF, was. Just being around TP was draining.

Example: One afternoon TP and I were talking about a shoe sale at Nordstrom’s when the manager walked by on the way to a meeting, and she said in a very loud voice:
“Oh, my God, I’m so embarrassed! I can’t believe you said that!”

He stopped, looked back and from the bewildered look on my face, he kinda’ smiled.
All I could say was "what the hell?” TP scurried off without a word.

After the meeting, he came to me and asked ‘what the heck is wrong with her’?
I said my guess was she was trying to be funny. [This particular company didn’t allow end fighting, so I was being nice]

That was the beginning of a long string of that kind of behavior. It wasn’t just me, but pretty much everyone, and in earshot of management, and playing team members against each other. The classic political maneuver: ‘trying to make yourself look good by crapping on everyone else’.

What follows is totally MY freakin’ fault. I was offered a great job with a national company that would go perm within a few months, so I accepted and recommended my BFF. TP came to me crying that the manager hated her [true], he was going to fire her [probably], and she had nowhere to go. She begged me to recommend her….

Yep, I felt sorry for her and agreed with the following conditions: No throwing anyone under the bus, leaving the negative attitude at home, and no making yourself look good by denigrating anyone else.

She said, “Of course!” That should have been my first clue that she DID NOT make the connection of the conditions and her behavior.

The funny thing was that she fit right in, culturally. She crossed so many lines I can’t even see them in the rear view. I moved on to a better place in all possible ways.

Would I ever consider trying to fix that friendship? Hell no! As a wise man tells me all the time: “You can’t save them all…..”


Wednesday, October 10, 2012



As an unapologetic feminist, I cannot fathom how ANY woman could support Romney.

All women are a sisterhood, no matter race, religion and political affiliation. AND we are the majority in this country. WE have the power, if we'd just band together and USE it. 

Unfortunately our President wants so much to be 'liked', he is not using his power and

THE FREAKIN' FACTS to blast Romney and his sidekick.
They wouldn't recognize the truth if it bit them in the backside. Romney sent the jobs to China and made millions doing it.

Yes, I'm upset and scared that we will turn in to a total fascist country if the Tools get elected; and women will be back on the knees scrubbing floors and 'obeying'.

I have to go find my chew stick and calm down......

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I've read ads for anti-aging creams , serums and such, ever since I turned 50. 
What I've discovered, and this is not secret; they are expensive and work minimally. 

People tell me I have a beautifully complexion. 
Yes, some of it is genetics, but today, I'm sharing my secret! 

[sound of applause......]

Years ago, the product was a little more expensive, but now it's practically free.

California Beauty Aesthetics Botanical Facial Peel!

Let me know how it works for you, but I'm betting it will show!


Easy to use, no strong stink. Life is good....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I have a friend who just turned 60 and refers to herself as a cougar.


She insists that you’re a cougar until you turn 65.

Really? I don’t think so. She damned good looking for her age, but…. no man in his 20’s or 30’s would ask her out, even it if were just for sex [especially just for sex]. Let’s face it, a sexual encounter is easy to get.

So as an ex-project manager that I am, I did some research and this is what is commonly accepted:

           Minx  =  20’s
           Puma  =  30’s
           Cougar  =  40’s
           Sabertooth  =  50’s and beyond…

I agree with most of this; it makes sense, except I’d stretch the cougar state to 40 thorough 59, but when you hit 60, you are definitely a Sabertooth.

So what exactly is the difference between and cougar besides the age difference?

Glad you asked! A cougar is a woman in the 40’s or so, looking for a sexual hookup [which is not bad] with a younger man. She’s not really looking for commitment or anything beyond red-hot monkey sex [again, not bad].

Cougars seem to be [but not always][ looking for validation of their sexual attractiveness. Let’s face it, a man is attracted as long as the woman doesn’t scream or mace him. So, what wrong with a fling? NOTHING!

Sabertooths will date younger men, men their own age or older men. There just doesn’t seem to be that quiet desperation attachment to them that you sometimes see in cougars.

Oh, please, stop saying bullshit. Case in point, just look at ‘Desperate Housewives’ or ‘Housewives of anywhere.” Now that’s desperation, quiet or not!

Peace, my Sisters!

Monday, July 16, 2012


As an unapologetic feminist, I cannot fathom how ANY woman could support Romney.
He is ANTI WOMEN. If you do not care about your rights, then think about your daughters and their daughters rights in a country without PLANNED PARENTHOOD, absolutely no abortion even in cases of rape or incest. And so much more. 
You don't have to believe me, but look up his speeches and see that he is no more than a fifth century zealot. 
All women are a sisterhood, no matter race, religion and political affiliation. AND we are the majority in this country. WE have the power, if we'd just band together and USE it. 
Think about it.